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Character Information
Name: Cucarachita
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Leader of the Company of Killers
Last login:19 October 2017, 6:33 am
Created:9 August 2017, 4:05 am
Comment:03:51 Dan Greco [209]: me la pelan

04:33 Warning! The murder of Dan Greco was not justified.

04:09 You see a dead human (Vol:10).
You recognize Dan Greco. He was killed by Cucarachita.
Vip Status:Not Vip Account
Account Status:Premium Account

Equipment Skills
Level: 324, 556528502 of 561664800
Magic Level: 38, 14272663 of 571459344.15597
Hit Points: 3345 of 3345
Magic Points: 4355 of 4775
Stamina: 42:0 of 42:0

The Pits Of Inferno0%
Ape City0%
Wrath of the Emperor0%
The New Frontier0%
Children of the Revolution0%
The Thieves Guild Quest0%
Arena Warlord0%
Arena Scrapper0%
Arena Greenhorn0%
The Demon Oak0%
The Postman Quest0%
19 Oct 2017, 06:33 Killed at level 324 by Skrillex King, Adidas, Seroxis and by Bravo..
19 Oct 2017, 05:57 Killed at level 325 by Yunhy Mage..
6 Sep 2017, 09:03 Died at level 326 by madareth, Seroxis, Mashakon Obson, a dark torturer, a hand of cursed fate, a destroyer, a juggernaut, a hellfire fighter, a betrayed wraith, a lost soul and by plaguesmith..
1 Sep 2017, 12:48 Died at level 327 by nightmare and by lost soul..
25 Aug 2017, 05:56 Died at level 251 by nightmare..
22 Aug 2017, 12:28 Killed at level 206 by Kyross, Marijuanas, Mecha Arthur, Campestre, Lord Master Loko and by Master Loko..
19 Aug 2017, 18:05 Killed at level 207 by Sniper Da Pall, Trixtrax, Black Kan and by Mextiler..
19 Aug 2017, 08:48 Killed at level 180 by Imabeast, Campestre, Fercho Conan and by Black Panther..
19 Aug 2017, 08:48 Killed at level 180 by Trixtrax, Imabeast and by Campestre..
19 Aug 2017, 08:45 Killed at level 181 by Trixtrax, Fercho Conan, Campestre and by Imabeast..


Account Information
Created:7 August 2017, 2:10 pm

1. CucarachitaEuroTibia2324 Royal PaladinOffline

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