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Character Information
Name: Capitan Kush
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
House:Upper Swamp Lane 10 (Thais) is paid until Jan 1 1970
Last login:21 June 2017, 3:33 am
Created:14 November 2016, 2:41 am
Vip Status:Not Vip Account
Account Status:Premium Account

Equipment Skills
Level: 265, 304168590 of 306684500
Magic Level: 113, 15070 of 76119058.075967
Hit Points: 1475 of 1475
Magic Points: 1363 of 7750
Stamina: 40:18 of 42:0

The Pits Of Inferno0%
Ape City0%
Wrath of the Emperor0%
The New Frontier0%
Children of the Revolution0%
The Thieves Guild Quest0%
Arena Warlord0%
Arena Scrapper0%
Arena Greenhorn0%
The Demon Oak0%
The Postman Quest0%
16 Jun 2017, 09:33 Killed at level 246 by Astroz, Eternithy, Rankzie, Pxndx and by Gutian Arte..
14 Jun 2017, 01:38 Killed at level 218 by New Mare, Tuyia, Rush Of Magic and by Black Mage..
10 Jun 2017, 17:00 Killed at level 219 by Ceverus, Ana Ov, El Principe Jaden Jaiur and by hydra..
10 Jun 2017, 07:19 Killed at level 169 by Comandante Skiper, Red Bot and by Tuyia..
5 Feb 2017, 21:46 Died at level 320 by diabolic imp..
22 Jan 2017, 17:00 Killed at level 319 by Cris Daniel Eddy, Eddy Love Maiky, Miguel Angel, Darkdani and by Julion..
12 Jan 2017, 02:30 Died at level 295 by ice, Aleunderr, El Zyzz, Elder Simmurs, Mage Evil, Fugaku Uchiha and by Elodryn..
3 Jan 2017, 11:22 Killed at level 265 by Enderworldz, Elodryn, Smurffed, Neka Kat, Hittlerz, Triibal, Schwarzerz, Darckness, Kceresz and by Brazzersz..
3 Jan 2017, 08:06 Killed at level 260 by Pulga, Este Wei, Driss, Peiin, Eternithy, Orion, Mage Skull and by El Chemaa..
30 Dec 2016, 09:10 Killed at level 260 by Zenit, a diabolic imp and by Invicto..


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