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Character Information
Name: Master Loko
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
House:The City Wall 3c (Thais) is paid until Aug 20 2017
Guild Membership:Vice-Leader of the Die Hard
Last login:20 August 2017, 1:19 pm
Created:6 August 2016, 5:53 pm
Vip Status:Vip Account
Account Status:Free Account

Equipment Skills
Level: 301, 449402232 of 450025100
Magic Level: 34, 60199829 of 148755556.05893
Hit Points: 3315 of 3115
Magic Points: 3410 of 4430
Stamina: 42:0 of 42:0

The Pits Of Inferno100%
Ape City0%
Wrath of the Emperor0%
The New Frontier0%
Children of the Revolution0%
The Thieves Guild Quest0%
Arena Warlord0%
Arena Scrapper0%
Arena Greenhorn0%
The Demon Oak0%
The Postman Quest0%
18 Aug 2017, 09:33 Killed at level 302 by El Mejor, Elder Saint, Boyka, Pancho Pantera, Astronis Jr, Diaana The Princes, Rapzie, Starligth and by Morpho Soul..
14 Aug 2017, 08:21 Killed at level 292 by Meky, Knight Saint, Fantasma, Lowcy, Forvis, Professeur Ping and by Comar..
14 Aug 2017, 08:17 Killed at level 293 by Elder Saint, Fantasma, Meky, Lowcy, Forvis, Comar, Professeur Ping and by Knight Saint..
14 Aug 2017, 07:45 Killed at level 294 by Professeur Ping, Fantasma, Elder Saint, Dasher Strike, Forvis, Guachicol, Lowcy and by El Maguitoo..
14 Aug 2017, 07:25 Killed at level 295 by Lowcy, Fantasma, Rapzie, Elder Saint, Starligth, Professeur Ping, Morpho Soul, Diaana The Princes and by Dasher Strike..
14 Aug 2017, 07:23 Killed at level 296 by Rapzie, Diaana The Princes, Elite Predator, Morpho Soul, Dasher Strike, Lowcy, Starligth, Professeur Ping, Forvis, Elder Saint, Supremo Knight and by Fantasma..
14 Aug 2017, 07:21 Killed at level 297 by Dasher Strike, Forvis, Lowcy, Professeur Ping, Morpho Soul, Rapzie, Starligth, Elder Saint, Diaana The Princes and by Fantasma..
14 Aug 2017, 07:12 Killed at level 298 by Rapzie, Forvis, Morpho Soul, Dasher Strike, Fantasma, Starligth, Lowcy, Professeur Ping and by Diaana The Princes..
14 Aug 2017, 07:04 Killed at level 299 by Rapzie, Dasher Strike, Forvis, Morpho Soul, Diaana The Princes, Lord Master Loko, Boker Loko, Lowcy, Starligth, Fantasma and by Bobita..
14 Aug 2017, 07:04 Killed at level 300 by Forvis, Dasher Strike, Fantasma, Rapzie, Starligth, Morpho Soul, Diaana The Princes and by Lowcy..


Account Information
Created:13 May 2016, 11:57 pm

1. BrigitteEuroTibia220 SorcererOffline
2. Master LokoEuroTibia2301 Royal PaladinOffline
3. RandoEuroTibia221 Elite KnightOffline

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