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Character Information
Name: Viinancio
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the Die Hard
Last login:20 September 2017, 1:36 pm
Created:28 February 2017, 4:38 am
Vip Status:Not Vip Account
Account Status:Premium Account

Equipment Skills
Level: 299, 438656110 of 441084800
Magic Level: 128, 144797000 of 317968196.00548
Hit Points: 1740 of 1640
Magic Points: 7315 of 8765
Stamina: 42:0 of 42:0

The Pits Of Inferno0%
Ape City0%
Wrath of the Emperor0%
The New Frontier96.666666666667%
Children of the Revolution0%
The Thieves Guild Quest0%
Arena Warlord0%
Arena Scrapper0%
Arena Greenhorn0%
The Demon Oak0%
The Postman Quest0%
18 Sep 2017, 10:42 Killed at level 300 by Boyka, Spider Woman, El Zyzz and by Sub-zero..
25 Aug 2017, 23:28 Killed at level 300 by Cucarachita, Distancia Negra, Idelectrox and by Mashakon Obson..
18 Aug 2017, 14:58 Killed at level 301 by Starligth, Morpho Soul, Rapzie and by Diaana The Princes..
14 Aug 2017, 07:23 Killed at level 295 by Diaana The Princes, Forvis, Elite Predator, Elder Saint, Rapzie, Dasher Strike, Lowcy, Fantasma, Morpho Soul, Professeur Ping and by Starligth..
14 Aug 2017, 07:20 Killed at level 296 by Starligth, Forvis, King Karizma, Dasher Strike, Morpho Soul, Fantasma, Diaana The Princes, Lowcy and by Professeur Ping..
14 Aug 2017, 07:13 Killed at level 297 by Professeur Ping, Forvis, Wolf Of War, El Maguitoo, Lowcy, Diaana The Princes, Elite Predator and by Arquero Disako Hack..
14 Aug 2017, 07:02 Killed at level 298 by Morpho Soul, Starligth, Rapzie, Forvis, Dasher Strike, Diaana The Princes, Professeur Ping and by Lowcy..
14 Aug 2017, 07:00 Killed at level 299 by Forvis, Dasher Strike, Fantasma, Rapzie, Morpho Soul, Diaana The Princes, Lowcy and by Starligth..
14 Aug 2017, 06:45 Killed at level 300 by Morpho Soul, Starligth, Diaana The Princes, El Maguitoo, Fantasma, Rapzie and by Professeur Ping..
9 Aug 2017, 10:24 Killed at level 288 by Fantasma..


Account Information
Created:28 February 2017, 4:36 am

1. ViinancioEuroTibia2299 Elder DruidOffline

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