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Character Information
Name: Schwarzer
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
House:Mill Avenue 5 (Thais) is paid until Jan 1 1970
Guild Membership:Highlander of the The Real Evolution
Last login:29 May 2017, 7:31 am
Created:2 April 2016, 11:36 pm

♣ Si sabes cuanto vales
sal a buscar lo que mereces
pero debes estar dispuesto a
recibir golpes ♠

Vip Status:Not Vip Account
Account Status:Premium Account

Equipment Skills
Level: 289, 394792992 of 398155300
Magic Level: 110, 23998802 of 57189374.963161
Hit Points: 1595 of 1595
Magic Points: 8470 of 8470
Stamina: 41:56 of 42:0

The Pits Of Inferno100%
Ape City0%
Wrath of the Emperor0%
The New Frontier0%
Children of the Revolution0%
The Thieves Guild Quest0%
Arena Warlord0%
Arena Scrapper0%
Arena Greenhorn0%
The Demon Oak0%
The Postman Quest0%
20 May 2017, 08:44 Killed at level 289 by Darcknesz, Enderworld, Hittler, Hidden and by Sir Jorge..
19 May 2017, 00:26 Killed at level 274 by El Chanitho, Anitha Feitha, Comandante Skiper, Lauritha, Tuyia and by Senior Dohko..
19 May 2017, 00:02 Killed at level 275 by Praqueremicuaro, Senior Dohko, Tagaros, Trixtrax, Comandante Skiper, Alvin, Anitha Feitha, El Chanitho and by Lauritha..
18 May 2017, 23:48 Killed at level 276 by Anitha Feitha, Trixtrax, Darcknesz and by Enderworld..
17 May 2017, 04:34 Died at level 265 by diabolic imp..
19 Apr 2017, 02:35 Died at level 266 by diabolic imp..
6 Apr 2017, 21:57 Killed at level 266 by El Mejor, Rull, Hittler and by Darcknesz..
4 Apr 2017, 10:22 Killed at level 234 by Izumi Uchiha, Elodryn, Smurffed, Enderworld, Darcknesz and by Hittler..
4 Apr 2017, 10:19 Killed at level 235 by Izumi Uchiha, Elodryn, Smurffed, Enderworld, Darcknesz, Hittler and by Neka Kat..
6 Mar 2017, 07:49 Killed at level 275 by Mexirevot, Malick, Darcknesz, Twiitter, El Maguitoo and by Hittler..


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